In any system, cables are like the body's neural pathways. Compromises in terms of reliability and quality are out of the question. We offer an extensive range of services to support you in this delicate area:

  •    Functioning prototypes
  •    Functioning cable and connection samples
  •    Sample installation
  •    Series manufacture of cable harnesses
  •    Appliance wiring
  •    Manufacturing expertise for copper, coax and FO cables
  •    Hand- and machine-made system cables (flexibly stranded)

Certified quality

Our cable harness production plant is a factory monitored by the VDE and is certified according to VG96927 Basic Type A, B, C, D and E.

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Individual solutions

Individual solutions are increasingly required in this area because of the particular challenges it presents. Only those companies with the relevant expertise can offer customized solutions. Our support is based on the following services:

  •    Design and constructive development of cabling
  •    Preparation of documentation and production documents
  •    Project support from the prototype through series manufacture to maintenance
  •    Supply of flexibly stranded system cables (by hand and machine)
  •    Logistics and inventory management programs