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E-Switch, Inc., which has been headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since 1979, is a leading provider of innovative, high-quality electromechanical switches for the electronics, telecommunications, high-tech, instrumentation, industrial, device, and consumer markets .The ever-growing product portfolio of the global company includes new series of push-button, snap, slide, sealed, illuminated and vandal-proof push button switches, SMT push button switches and illuminated rocker switches.E-Switch is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stein Industries, Inc. Stein Industries has been offering various services and quality products for a variety of industries since 1907.


Anti-vandal switches
Capacitive switches
Detector switches
DIP switches
Keylock switches
Navigation joystick switches
Pushbutton switches
Rocker switches
Rotary switches
Rotary coded DIP switches
Slide switches
Snap Action switches
Tact switches
Tilt switches
Toggle switches
Trigger switches
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Audio / visual
Medicine and dentistry
Wearable technology and wearable devices


E-Switch, Inc.

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