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For 80 years, PEM* has been the industry leader in sheet metal fasteners and PennEngineering®'s flagship brand. The fasteners use press-fit technology, riveting technology or SMT technology (Surface Mount Technology) to provide robust, stable and durable threads or attachment points in thin sheet metal or on printed circuit boards (PCB). Heilind can ensure local, fast availability of the products.

*Only in Poland, Romania


Nuts for sheet metal
Studs and pins for sheet metal,
Standoffs for sheet metal,
Studs, pins, and standoffs for pcb's
microPEM® fasteners,
Captive panel screws and hardware,
Cable Tie-Mounts and hooks for sheet metal,
VariMount ® bonding fasteners,


Automotive Electronics
Consumer Electronics
EV and Charging
Industrial and Commercial


PEM Europe
Mervue Business Park
Galway, Ireland

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