Lockbolt Product Overview

Their high vibration resistance, high clamping force and multi-grip capacity distinguish Avdel’s two-piece lockbolt systems. The Lockbolts are easy to assemble without welding and provide a secure connection under high loads.
Heilind Electronics offers you the different Avdel lockbolt systems in various sizes, materials and shapes, depending on the application.

The Avbolt model is a high-strength blind bolt for one-sided mounting. It is suitable for applications with high operating loads such as construction, container construction, rail, and mining and bridge construction.
The high strength Avdelok is characterized by its high shear breaking load and uniform remaining clamping force. This model of lockbolt is suitable for a variety of applications such as automotive, housing, fence or mining machinery.
The Avdelok XT Lockbolt is designed for particularly strong and secure connections. It has a large diameter and a very high shear and tensile breaking load. It is suitable for commercial vehicles, rail traffic, steel and bridge construction, mining machinery or containers.
The high-strength Avtainer Lockbolt System is made of steel and is suitable for fixing composite materials with metal. The joint is vibration resistant and moisture resistant thanks to the Santoprene underhead seal. The Avtainer lockbolts are suitable for vehicle or container construction as well as for partition walls.
The Maxlok lockbolt has a large clamping range, a high shear-breaking load, and a uniform remaining clamping force, ensuring a high-strength and vibration-resistant connection. This multi-range locking bolt is ideal for a variety of applications from container to commercial vehicle construction.
The environmentally friendly Neo Bolt steel lockbolt system has been specially developed for heavy-duty constructions. The mandrel does not break off during processing, which results in a very high resistance to vibration and fatigue. The Neo Bolt is suitable for solar and wind energy, electricity and supply facilities, power lines or screening machines.


  • Very good vibration resistance
  • High clamping force
  • High shear and tensile loads
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Protection against unintentional loosening
  • Customer-specific special designs also possible on request

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