Flexible and resistant braided sleeves

The tubular, thin-walled braided sleeves Expando HTNS-L/HO guarantee strong mechanical protection. Thanks to their structure, they are flexible and can be easily installed even after assembly of the end connection.
Expando HTNS-L/HO are flame retardant, resistant to most chemicals and abrasion. The oil and water repellent treatment of the braided sleeves reduces moisture absorption and improves liquid tightness.  
Heilind Electronics offers the Expando HTNS-L/HO in the colours camouflage green or ivory as well as in bulk or cut lengths.


  • Material: Meta-Aramid Nomex
  • Operating temperature range from -60°C (-76°F) to +240°C (+464°F)
  • Flame retardancy rating FAR Part 25 § 853; VW-1
  • Excellent gamma and X-ray resistance
  • Expansion ratio 1:2
  • Conforms to ASD EN 6049-003 standard and is UL approved
  • Halogen free
  • Available in diameters from 2 to 30 mm (1/16" to 1-3/16")


  • Ideal for use in military, marine and aerospace industries
  • Suitable for the protection of cable assemblies, hoses and cable harnesses
  • For applications that require resistance to water, heat and moisture

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