Corrosion-resistant hoods & housings

The key feature of the Han-Eco B series is the option of rear mounting when assembling a switch cabinet. In order to assemble the wired insert into the bulkhead housing, the wired insert no longer needs to be fished back though the switch cabinet’s cutout from the front side. Instead, a pre-assembled wiring harness can easily be snapped into the already mounted bulkhead housing from the inside of the switch cabinet – rearward.

This option simplifies the assembly and also optimizes the assembly floor by allowing the wire harness to be a stocked item or even assembled offsite; thus saving time and cost. Switch cabinet units and cable harnesses can now be pre-assembled separately. A better division of labor is possible and, if necessary, processes can even be outsourced.

In addition, the Han-Eco B Series is fully compatible with Han® metal connectors, extending the possibility to add an economical solution to existing applications. The Han-Eco B series is also able to use any HARTING inserts, allowing any application in industrial connectivity to take advantage of this economical solution.


  • Plug-compatible fashion in the Han-Modular® Series
  • Standard sizes 6B to 24B
  • Each size is available in a flexible way with cable outlets of different size: Options range from M20, M25 and M32 to M40 cable glands
  • High performance plastic is robust
  • Easy to install, resistant to corrosion and offer flexible assembly options
  • Fire resistant to UL94 V0
  • About half as much weight as a connector in a die-cast aluminium housing


  • Energy
  • Robotics
  • Automation


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