Omniball™ Spring-Loaded Contact

The unique Omniball™ spring-loaded contact features a rolling ball interface, enabling mating components to engage in lateral, rotational and angular alignments while providing optimal electrical, mechanical, and structural reliability.Joining the original surface mount style Omniball™ contacts are through-hole mount and solder-cup termina¬tion styles. There are two new through-hole mount contacts featuring different tail lengths, making them suitable for use on PCB’s of various thickness.Omniball™ contacts are spring-loaded pins in which the traditional plunger has been replaced by a gold plated, brass ball.  They are designed to simplify and improve the connections made between components which are mated together in a sliding or rotational motion rather than in an axial or vertical orientation.Omniball™ contacts are an excellent choice for any application that involves sliding or rotating connections.


  • RoHS compliant
  • 4 pins
  • 20µ" Gold over 100µ" Nickel shell
  • 10µ" Gold inner contact


  • “Twist & lock” cable connectors
  • Smart lens camera connectors
  • Rugged and IP rated connectors including quarter
  • Turn and threaded
  • Docking stations, quick connects and blind mating applications

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