Rivets with optimal load distribution for soft and brittle materials

The POP Load Spreading (LSR/LS) rivet is designed for joining soft, brittle and fragile materials where the use of a conventional rivet would cause damage.  
The LSR/LS rivets have a secondary head that forms large "folds". This creates a larger bearing surface that distributes the clamping loads over a large area and prevents draught or cracking. With the POP LSR/LS rivets, Heilind Electronics offers you aluminum rivets with aluminum mandrels that combine maximum reliability with a uniform, clean design.


  • Material: high-strength aluminum, 3.55 % magnesium alloy
  • Suitable for oversized holes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Large clamping range up to 12.0 mm limits the number of required lengths
  • Clean and uniform design
  • Blind hole enables one-sided mounting
  • Can be used with POP standard hand riveting tools
  • Soft-Set rivet with smaller secondary head available


    • Ideal for plastics, wood, GRP, laminates and thin materials.
    • Developed for applications such as the assembly of motorhomes, car parks and plastic windows as well as the production of plywood furniture or wooden products such as trailers

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