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TE Connectivity's Corcom is a leader in RFI technology.
Almost every electronic or electrical device has connections, these represent a potential source of electromagnetic radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). As a result, Corcom | TE Connectivity's broad product line offers more than 70 filter series that provide solutions for EMI or RFI signal products. Corcom's product line includes telecommunications and Ethernet connectors, EMI/RFI suppressors and ferrites, feedthrough capacitors, frequency control filters, and power line filters.

Corcom has been providing solutions to the telecommunications, computer, industrial and medical markets worldwide for over 60 years.

RFI Power Line Filters


TE Connectivity (TE) offers over 300 solutions for RFI problems associated with susceptibility, as well as compliance with international emissions standards.

IEC Inlet Filters and Power Entry Modules


A complete line of power entry modules solves a variety of power entry needs by combining functions to reduce cost, space and labor.

DC Filters


TE has developed a wide range of power line filters and power entry modules that combine several power management functions specifically designed for DC applications.

Feedthrough Filters and Capacitors


Designed to offer reliability and performance in high frequency applications and meet EN132200 and 132400 safety requirements. Available for AC or DC applications.

Signal Line Products


The SignalSentry filtered modular jack connector series combines different levels of filtering with RJ45 and RJ11 modular jacks to address signal line noise problems and crosstalk.

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