Profile-Free Press-Fit receptacles for a flush connection

With the profile-free receptacles, MILL-MAX has succeeded in eliminating any excess length in connectors and thus reducing the overall housing size. The receptacles do not have to be soldered and are suitable for flush mounting in printed circuit boards.

The Press-Fit receptacles have a hexagonal flange that is pressed into the PCB Plated Through-Hole (PTH) until flush with the surface of the board. Thanks to the open bottom, the cables can easily be laid through and precise cutting of the cables is not necessary.

With the Press-Fit receptacles Heilind offers you profile-free PCB contacts that are suitable for the connection of a variety of devices.


    • Material: brass, copper beryllium, gold
    • Suitable for leads with a diameter of 0.008" - 0.13" (0.2 - 0.33 mm) up to 0.045" - 0.065" (1.14 - 1.65 mm)
    • No soldering required as the Press-Fit technology forms a gas-tight connection with the plated through hole
    • Profile-free receptacles reduce the overall housing height
    • Extremely reliable multi-finger beryllium contact


      • Can be used with both conventional and rigid backed flex PCB’s


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