SWIM Connectors for use in depths down to 300 m

SWIM Connectors for use in shallow depth.

SWIM what means Swallow Wather Immersion are Connectors which are designed for innovative applications. For example using surface drones for oceanic observation requires them to have connections to numerous sensing devices (hydrophones, temperature sensors, salinity sensors etc.). The SWIM range satisfies all these connection needs.

The four pin sizes from 20 to 12 are complemented by two coaxial contact types from 250 to 75 ohms.


  • twelve different pin configurations
  • two differnt shell sizes
  • thermoplastic material Shell
  • resistant to seawater
  • temperature variations between -20 and +70°C possible


  • surface drones for environmental evaluation missions
  • oil Exploration
  • maritime surveillance Equipment
  • weather buoys
  • commercial diving
  • Ocean Class Remotely Operated Vehicles

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